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Training the Core Muscles with Ginger Laurits, DPT and Elizabeth Spahr, RYT

Musculoskeletal pain can result from our habitual movement patterns, posture, injuries, stress, and the way we feel about ourselves. Our movement patterns change, and we develop tightness, weakness, and changes in the core muscle system that result in decreased stability, joint control, and coordination. These changes can eventually lead to pain and can  affect the quality of our lives.

In this workshop, each participant will learn how to cue and train the core muscles to be active in functional movements. She/he will leave with a deeper understanding of the core muscle system and its role in stability and coordination of the spine. As the core muscles are working to support the spine, the participant will feel increased freedom and control with movement. Training the core muscles is effective in managing spinal pain.

Drop ins are welcome, $20