Mindful Vinyasa, All levels, Sunday 10-11:15am with Genevieve

Mindful Vinyasa All Levels--- This class focuses on strengthening the meditative mind and practices moving with mindfulness and grace. You will be encouraged to find a natural rhythm of movement following the breath. This class focuses on building awareness, strength and balance. You will be lead through a sequence of poses with options to modify the practice to your skill level, allowing you to find your level of challenge. This class is meant to nourish your spirit and leave you feeling rejuvenated and relaxed. 

 Vinyasa, All levels, Thursday 10:00-11:15am with Celina

Vinyasa classes are a mixed level class based on the principles of breath and movement. This class offers an improvised sequence of postures from the Ashtanga system in a shortened form. The pacing is steady and dynamic with an introduction to more advanced postures. These classes are for any student's practice who is looking to deepen their focus and experience a well-rounded practice.

All Levels Vinyasa Yoga with Suzy Legare - (*****CLASS BEGINS JUNE 1ST Saturday 9-10:15am****)

All levels Vinyasa Yoga is designed so beginners receive instructions and modifications to begin to form their yoga practice. Experienced students are offered more challenging variations of poses as they continue to grow in their practice. Vinyasa means β€œto place in a special way.” In this class we will flow through yoga poses, pranayama (breathing techniques), and meditation that is all set with intention.