Vinyasa with Jeannine

Jeannine's Vinyasa is taught in the Kripalu style of inquiry and exploration within each posture and movement. Touching upon the three stages of alignment, sustaining, and prana response; each class will allow for deepening awareness of ones own personal experience. With a light hearted approach, all classes will begin with a centering to encourage breath awareness and the mind-body connection. This is followed by a series of gentle movements and postures to begin to cultivate breath to movement as well as warmth to the body. This breath awareness then begins to flow into a classical Vinyasa sequencing of Sun Salutations and standing postures. In the standing series, postures are sustained to establish proper alignment, increase energy flow, and expand freedom of exploration. As the practice comes to a close, a series of seated or supine postures allow the body to lengthen and release tension in order to prepare for a final relaxation (savasana) and meditation. This intermediate level class may include challenging postures as well as more vigorous sequencing. Previous yoga experience is recommended. This class will increase energy, body awareness, balance and alignment. Suggestions for use of props are given throughout, as well as modifications for postures to suit many levels and abilities. 

Vinyasa with Kelly 

This class is for experienced students looking to deepen their practice. Kelly combines her love of dynamic vinyasa flow (linking breath with movement in sequence, with Iyengar style safety through alignment. Along with a quieting of the mind and deep breath connection, an aerobic element is present. This combination challenges students to develop a high level of self-awareness, to push their edge and develop tendencies that increase presence, on and off the mat. Each class will be an exploration that includes standing and balancing postures, inversions, backbends, pranayama and meditation. You will leave feeling strong in your body, still in your mind and open in your heart. 

Vinyasa with Niki 

This class will be a progressive exploration through mindful movement and breath. Each sequence includes a thorough warm up that builds into a fluid and intelligently crafted practice of both classical and creative poses linked with breath and intention. Students will work up from foundations to more adventurous variations of postures and transitions accessible and appropriate for all levels. This class will combine the dynamic movement of a vinyasa flow class with an emphasis on alignment and stability and give students the tools to safely navigate their practice with modifications, props, and opportunities for reflection and observation throughout class. Students are encouraged to practice at an appropriate pace that honors their own unique body, energy level, and experience. Let your yoga mat be a laboratory, a safe place to learn about, experiment with, and refine body, breath, and mind. Expect to strengthen and stabilize, stretch and lengthen, and rest and renew. Class will include time for deep stretch, therapeutic restorative postures, and relaxation.