Michelle McComb, MA, LCPC, E-RYT, Co-Founder/Owner of Village Yoga

Michelle  is a Certified Kripalu Yoga Instructor, Registered Yoga Teacher, and a Licensed Clinical Counselor.  She has been studying and practicing yoga since 1994 and became certified to teach in 2001. Inspired to share this transformative practice with others, she taught in diverse communities and in mental health settings for 8 years before opening Village Yoga in 2009. She began the practice of yoga while attending graduate school as a way of reducing stress, and maintaining focus. She was drawn to the approach of Kripalu Yoga due to it’s meditative quality, emphasis on non-striving  and on the cultivation of compassionate self-awareness as a tool for personal growth and transformation. As her yoga practice deepened, she was naturally drawn to meditation and the study of Buddhism and, after years of practice and teaching, now sees yoga and meditation as an integrated path. Michelle has been co-leading yoga and meditation retreats at Aryaloka Buddhist Center in New Market, NH, since 2001. (www.aryaloka.org) She is currently studying with Sarah Powers, Founder of the Insight Yoga Institute, a program that offers advanced studies to yoga teachers interested in the integration of yoga, Buddhism and psychology as a vehicle to deepen insight. The styles of yoga studied are Yin (receptive), and Yang (active/vinyasa), with emphasis on functional anatomy, alignment, and on the cultivation of mindfulness, wisdom, and compassion. Michelle creates a peaceful, supportive, and meditative atmosphere in her classes encouraging students to focus inward with open-hearted awareness, while maintaining mindfulness of alignment, breath and sensation.  In addition to teaching yoga and meditation, Michelle is also a licensed psychotherapist and mindfulness teacher. She utilizes a mindfulness-based approach in her therapy and offers mindfulness teaching in classes, workshops and retreats. In 2013 she founded The Center for Mindful Health, situated alongside of Village Yoga, a collective of health and wellness providers utilizing an integrative and mindful approach to health and healing.

Elizabeth Spahr, RYT, Co-Founder/Owner of Village Yoga

Elizabeth is a Certified Kripalu Yoga Instructor and a Registered Yoga Teacher. She discovered yoga in 1994. Though originally looking to relax and become more flexible, she soon realized that yoga encompasssed so much more and it became integral to her life.  Becoming a yoga teacher was a natural progression. Elizabeth has learned many lessons from yoga which she enjoys sharing with others. Foremost is attention to the breath and noticing the difference between tension and relaxation in the body. She continues to attend workshops and trainings in Kripalu Yoga, as well as different aspects of yoga to include Yoga Therapy with Gary Kraftsow, The Essential Low Back Program with Robin Rothenberg, Yoga for Skeletal Health with Sara Meeks and Thai Yoga Massage with Kam Thye Chow. Elizabeth enjoys working with a wide variety of students, both in group classes and privately on their own personal discovery of yoga. When not teaching yoga, Elizabeth works as an independent professional gardener and is a University of Maine Master Gardener.

Susan C. Mirisola, E-RYT, CCLYI, and Reiki Master

Susan first came to yoga in her early 20's. A meditator since 1976, Susan long intended to return to yoga, but it was not until her move to Kennebunk in 1994 that she began taking classes in earnest at Nataraja School of Yoga. In May of 2007, Susan became a certified teacher through a 200-hour training taught by June Locklin, master teacher and owner of the Nataraja School of Yoga who was herself taught by Patricia Walden, an Advanced Senior I Iyengar Certified Instructor and lifelong student of Mr. B.K.S. Iyengar. Yoga re-surfaced at a critical time for Susan, one marked by personal transition, physical challenges and deep loss for which posture practice helped her cope and remain balanced. It is, however, the enrichment of the inner, spiritual life inherent in yoga that grounds Susan and for which she is deeply grateful. Susan's classes strongly emphasize alignment, breath awareness, and the process of yoga as a means of accessing mind/body/spirit wellness. Since becoming certified, Susan has taught students from the ages of 2 to 101 in a variety of settings: at the Kennebunk Free Library (where she has been employed since 1995), in private studios, in private/group classes, and at an assisted living facility. Susan has been teaching at Village Yoga of the Kennebunks since 2009, and she is registered with Yoga Alliance.

Elizabeth Clarkson, RYT, CLM, LVCYT

Elizabeth is a Certified Kripalu Yoga Instructor, a Registered Yoga Teacher, Healthy-Steps, the Lebed Method Instructor, Lakshmi Voelker Chair Yoga Teacher and Yoga of the Heart/ Cardiac and Cancer Certification Trained. She has been practicing yoga since the early 90’s.  In 2002 after being diagnosed with breast cancer, yoga became an intricate part of her everyday life.  The practice of breath guided her back into life and healing.  Through that connection of breath, she discovered in the stillness of life many blessings and discovered her passion to guide others along this journey of cancer. After her treatments, Elizabeth embarked on her passion of yoga, she became a Kripalu DansKinetic’s Instructor and in 2012 completed her 200 hour yoga teacher training at Kripalu.  Elizabeth has been teaching classes to cancer survivors for 10 years, currently she is teaching Healthy-Steps, the Lebed Method.  She is honored by this opportunity to be a guide to so many who have come to her class.  Her intention is always to bring everyone back into life, with honor and respect for their own journey. This path has brought her to a deeper understanding of healing and honoring the true gift of life. Elizabeth’s passion is gentle Kripalu Yoga, coming back to your own unique breath, to stillness and listening to your innate wisdom.  Elizabeth spends her winters in Florida and will be returning to Village Yoga in the late Spring. 

Catherine Fatina, LICSW, SEP, RYT

Catherine Fatina is a graduate of the 200 hour Ashaya Yoga Teacher Training with Todd Norian. In addition, she has been a psychotherapist for many years...work that she loves.  More recently she has been involved in a number of trainings focusing on somatic psychotherapy and trauma work.  At the same time, she decided to deepen her yoga practice of years by participating in a yoga teacher training.  She chose to learn from Todd Norian, an amazing yoga teacher who combines his experience in Kripalu and Anusasra styles of yoga with Tantra yoga.  The opportunity to combine her love of somatic psychotherapy with the physical and spiritual path of yoga has been quite thrilling for her and she is eager to share this mind-body practice and healing with both fellow psychological colleagues and with fellow yogis. Her classes emphasize exploring refinement in alignment to assure safe asana practice.  Pranayama breathwork and a brief meditation are companions to the asana practice and support the sacredness of the practice. 

Suzy Legare

Suzy has a background as a kindergarten teacher as well as an elementary school counselor.  In graduate school at Lesley University, she became interested in stress reduction programs for children.  She was trained to teach children's yoga at Finding Inner Peace Yoga School in Quincy, MA.  She also attended the Education Initiative of the Benson-Henry Institute for Mind and Body Medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital. Suzy taught mommy and me yoga and children's yoga at B Yoga Studio in Melrose, MA while also teaching yoga and stress reduction techniques in the classrooms as she worked as a school counselor.  She saw the effectiveness of doing yoga both in and out of the classroom; as well as in her own personal yoga practice.  

Suzy also became interested in teaching prenatal yoga after having incredible benefits during her own pregnancy. She loved the mental and physical benefits she received as well as the connections she made with other mothers while taking Prenatal Yoga. She was trained at Glow Yoga Studio in York, ME and offers Prenatal Yoga to the Kennebunk community.

Suzy lives in Kennebunk with her husband and two year old son, Tommy.


Jessica Laurin


Jessica Laurin, Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Ayurveda Practitioner, Registered Yoga Instructor-200, Certified Reiki Master

After graduating from the University of Southern Maine with a self-designed bachelor’s degree in Eastern healing, Jessica’s thirst for knowledge brought her to Seattle in 2009 to pursue additional education in massage therapy and Ayurveda; which is a 5,000 year old system of natural healing that originated in India. She returned to Maine to share her knowledge and help others closer to home.

Jessica is a 2013 graduate of Everest College’s 800-hour massage therapy program as well as Kerala Ayurveda Academy’s 1500-hour program of Ayurveda. Jessica has studied Ayurveda abroad in Nepal and India during an internship with Ayurvedic doctors at hospitals and clinics. In 2018 she graduated from Panacea Integrative Health & Yoga School 200-RYT.  She is a member of the AMTA and NAMA boards, is part of the AMTA Sports Massage Team, and has been a speaker at the Common Ground Fair since 2015. In her spare time, Jessica volunteers for VAST (Veterans Adaptive Sports Training) in Gray and The Travis Mills Foundation in Rome; all while tending to her vegetable garden.




Celina McMichael


Celina is a Registered Yoga Teacher as well as first grade elementary school teacher, mother of two and recreational athlete.  Celina has a strong passion for all things challenging and physical and yoga has been the outlet to create strength, balance and sustainability in her life.  Celina found the practice of yoga soon after graduating from high school as another adventure in her active lifestyle.  After exploring various styles she found Ashtanga yoga to be a great gift.  Ashtanga yoga gave Celina the ability to find her breathe and focus.  Celina has completed over 400 hours of professional yoga teacher training all grounded in the Ashtanga tradition and is currently enrolled in an advanced teacher training with Kimberly Dahlman of Yoga East in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.  She has completed teacher trainings with Kathy McNames of Yoga Vermont, David Swenson, David Williams, Nicki Doanne, Eddi Modestini and Nancy Gilgoff.  Celina has also completed a prenatal teacher training with Amy Hopkins of Glow Yoga and practiced vinyasa style yoga throughout three pregnancies, she welcomes mothers of all stages to class that are already strong in their yoga practice.  Celina finds her practice of teaching yoga drives her practice on and off of the mat.  She shares yoga with her own children as well as her students and staff at the school she teaches at.  Celina loves seeing her students discover the world of yoga and aims to deepen their knowledge each time they step onto the mat.  Celina has also spent a week with Seane Corn for an Off the Mat into the World Action Leadership Intensive.  Celina strives to bring yoga into the community around her and share what her teachers have shared with her.  

Sue Metevier

Sue has worked the fitness industry for 23 years. She graduated from The University of Maine 1990 with a degree in physical education and health and wellness. Susan has worked in many environments, from schools, spas, and YMCA's to health clubs and corporate fitness. This allows her to adapt easily and plan for the needs of all she works with. Certified as a fitness instructor, Susan began to lean towards Yoga and Pilates as she worked At Lake Austin Spa and Resort and Lifetime Fitness in Austin Texas. Back in Maine, looking to further her knowledge, she has taken many courses and workshops to blend her Personal Training/ fitness instructor journey with more of a mind- body -breath experience.


Jeannine Burgess

Jeannine first became curious about yoga in her teens, and in the early days of her yoga exploration, she quickly discovered she was able to remove mental and physical blocks through self-awareness. Over the years in her practice, she has had some moments of pure discovery, curiosity, experimentation, peace, community, humility, exhaustion, and exhilaration sometimes all at once. Though she has studied with teachers of many different lineages including Manju Jois and Seane Corn, she has found that Vinyasa in particular has a special place in her heart. She has been practicing for over 20 years and has been teaching for more than a decade, receiving her 200 hour teacher training through krupalu in 2007. Having once been a student solely of the Arts, Jeannine found herself gravitating toward the health and wellness field, which love her to receive a BS in health science. Yoga formed the backbone for the interest in this field long before she put it all together. Jeannine enjoys teaching because she believes everyone deserves to experience all the ways that yoga can enhance their lives